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Difference between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Rugs

By : Site Owner
Sep 13, 2018
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Difference between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Rugs

Rugs prove to be a great technique of home decor. These days almost everyone has rugs in their houses, a lot of quality and designs of rugs are available in the market for sale. People are quite muddled that whether they should go for a hand-woven rug or a machine-made rug.

·         The life span of the rug – Hand-made rugs are made over a period of time with special looms. Mostly, a hand-woven rug is made either from silk or wool and takes the hard work of several months and years to finish, while the machine-made rugs are mass-produced with synthetic materials through powerful machines, and these synthetic materials generally have a shorter life span as compared to raw materials like silk or wool.

Therefore, we can accept that the hand-woven rugs last longer as compared to machine-made rugs. These hand-made rugs last for generations and their value increases as well. But for a long life span of your rug you should regularly clean and wash your rug or else it will be damaged.


·         Prices of the rugs – Machine-made rugs are made from synthetic fibers and machines which are quite cheaper forms of raw materials; therefore, they are priced much cheaper than the hand-woven rugs which are made from silk and wool. Hand-made rugs require a lot of trained and experienced labors, while machine-made rugs are easily prepared.

The quality of the stitches and sewing in the hand-woven rugs is above par, due to which it is generally more expensive than a machine-made rug.  The durability of a hand-woven rug is high as compared to a machine- made rug, which also constitutes a reason for the hand-made rugs to be priced greater than a machine-made rug.


·         Textures and back of the rug – Hand-made rugs are manually stitched and they have different tensions in their back depending upon the amount of force used at different positions, while the machine-made rugs have the same texture at the back even.

Machine-made rugs are mostly fine and consistent in the texture and designs of the rug, while a hand-woven rug can be customized according to one’s desire and wishes.  Machine-made rugs lack the feature of unpredictability and surprise which can be obtained from a hand-woven rug.

Therefore, selecting a hand-woven rug or machine-made rug is a personal choice, and now you have enough knowledge about them.

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