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Terms and Conditions

Cantikwall offer installment package with the terms and conditions as described within subsequent sections:-

Valid Item

Cantikwall only offer installment payment for rug and runner products only. For this type of products, different terms and conditions are applied for "ready stock" and "pre-order" items. 

Payment Terms

1. For ready stock item, the maximum payment duration is 3x (or months). 

2. For pre-order item, the maximum payment duration is 12x (or months).

3. Installment schedule is as follows:-

4. Important notes: In the event the buyer failed to make payment for more than 2x (consecutive or non-consecutive) within the agreed installment duration and date, cantikwall shall without prejudice terminate the agreement with the buyer. NO REFUND will be made for this case. As such it is highly advisable for the buyer to comply with all the terms and conditions associated with the installment package. 

5. Calculation example:-

Normal rug price = RM 1000

Installment period = 3x

Current discount = 20%

Selling rug price = RM 1000 x (100-20%) = RM 800

Shipping fee = RM 80

Total selling price = RM 800 + RM 80 = RM880

Monthly installment = RM 294

Installment Agreement

1. The buyer and cantikwall shall be bonded with all the terms and conditions listed in this section once the first payment has been paid by the buyer (to Cantikwall). Furhermore, cantikwall shall provide payment invoice for each payment made by the buyer. The 1st invoice shall be the kick start contract between the buyer and cantikwall that signed the collective agreement to comply with all the terms set forth for the installment package offered by cantikwall. 

2. Installment contract start date: The same date the payment made by the buyer to cantikwall.

3. Installment end date: Equivalent to number of installment period as agreed by the buyer from the installment start date i.e. if the 1st payment is made in 1st January ,for 3x installment period, the end date shall falls on 1st March (subject to no pending payment). 

4. Agreement termination: Buyer failed to make payment for more than 2x during the installment period. No REFUND will be provided. 

Cancellation and Refund

No cancellation or refund is allowed for this package. Cantikwall will not entertain any cancellation or refund request once the installment has kick start as mentioned in previous section. 

Change Notice

Without prejudice, cantikwall has the right to change, amend, the terms and conditions of the installment package without prior notice to the buyer.