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Cantikwall offer rug customization on the following:-

  1. Design :  If you have any specific design that you need to make, Cantikwall offer the services to produce the carpet as per your requirement. However, Cantikwall shall let you know whether the design can be produced or not. 
  2. Size: Either it for any of Cantikwall's handmade rug or your own design, Cantikwall can custom the size according to your requirement. For example size 3x4 meter, 10 x 10 meter, etc. However, Cantikwall shall advise you should the required size is feasible or not. This depends on a lot of factor including the pattern of the rug and material. 
  3. Color: Cantikwall offer color customization for most of Cantikwall's handmade rug. 

How to Customize?

  1. List your requirement such as design (preferably with photo either from Cantikwall's catalogue or your own design), size, and if required the color. 
  2. Send your requirement details to our customer service : Click Here to whatsapp our customer service. 

How to know which of Cantikwall's Product can be customized?

ONLY Handmade rug can be customized. In general, any rug which is made from natural material such as jute, cotton, wool, wool blend, and viscose can be customized. This details can be seen on each individual product. 

What material available for selection?

Cantikwall offer the following material for rug production:-

  1. Wool
  2. Viscose
  3. High grade acrylic
  4. Wool blend (60% wool , 40% acrylic)
  5. Jute
  6. Seagrass
  7. Sisal
  8. Bamboo silk
  9. Cotton
  10. Cotton + jute
  11. Silk
  12. Wool + viscose

Do you offer Rug design drawing?

Yes for geometrical pattern only. 


If you have requirement to fill your home or office with our rug and in need for us to do the measurement and door to door consultation at your place, Cantikwall offer door to door service for this. 


For area outside Senawang and Seremban vicinity, RM 100 will be charge prior to any visit to your place. Should you proceed with rug order after the consultation RM 50 will be refunded to you. 

Measurement Output?

We will produce the following 3D sketch for you on measurement.