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Return , Refund, and Exchange Policy

Unless otherwise informed, Cantikwall shall ensure the product are similar to the product specifications published in the website or sale quotation and is deliver within estimated time (depending on the Shipping method chose).  The policy stated herewith shall be applicable for all Cantikwall's product. 


All Cantikwall's product is subject to the following deviation:-

1. Color : Due to different screen setting between different devices, color deviation is expected to be between 10-15% from the color as published in the website. Please note that the photo used in website is taken mostly in Studio which is subjected to some image setting to ensure sharp and vibrant image. Please take not particularly for rug or runner, the color deviation is also expected should the Buyer choose to use different set of materials. 

2. Pattern: For rug or runner, different sizes will lead to scaling of the pattern to fit the selected size. Generally, most of picture shown for rug is for size 1.6 x 2.3 meter, whereby for runner size 0.7 x 2.0 meter. For this reason, Buyer should be aware on the pattern sizes and scaling for different sizes. The shape of the pattern will be approximately the same. 

3. Size: For handmade rug and runner, the dimension is subject to plus minus 3-5 cm offset. 

4. Shedding: For handmade rug, shedding is part of material characteristics and is not a manufacturing defect. Please refer to this link for more info. 

Return Policy

Cantikwall does NOT accept any return item once sold. However, for the following cases, return item is accepted:-

1. Mistaken parcel received. This could be the Buyer received different product code i.e. instead of carpet RG009, the buyer received Nordic Chair AC009. 

2. Broken furniture or torn wallpaper. Under this case, the buyer shall immediately (within 24 hours from received time) inform Cantikwall at +60184667033 by sending a photo of the damage. Any case report later than the stipulated period will not be entertained by Cantikwall. Note that any damage or broken of the said item as a result of Buyer own handling, misuse, incident, etc. will not be covered under this policy. 

Return Procedure:

The return procedure shall be treated from case to case basis (including the method and cost associated with the return activity). This depends on the item and the location of the Buyer. Please contact Cantikwall at the following for return arrangement:-

Phone: +6018-4667033


Note: Only for above cases the "Return Policy" is valid. 

Refund Policy

Cantikwall does NOT offer any REFUND for any item once sold. However, for the following cases, refund is permitted (Malaysia customer only):-

1. Failure to deliver within ETA i.e 4-8 weeks for standard shipping or 3-5 week for priority shipping. For this case, Cantikwall will refund in full the paid amount to the Buyer's preferred account. Once the buyer received the purchased item, the buyer shall immediately repay Cantikwall the same amount. Should the buyer did not receive the parcel within 30 days from ETA date, the parcel is considered as loss during logistics. Such event will lead to Cantikwall to consider the order as CANCELLED order. 

2. Broken furniture or torn wallpaper. This shall complied with the terms as stated in point number 2 in the "Return Policy" section. 

Exchange Policy

Cantikwall will not entertain any exchange request once the item is sold.